Need it cold…NOW!?

We specialize in the rental or sale of temperature controlled containers in a variety of sizes and we are committed to providing reliable, quality refrigerated cold storage units, and superior customer service. Transport Products Unlimited serves all of Northern California and parts of Nevada so we can help you cool your stuff quick. Whether temporary or permanent, TPU can provide the ideal solution for all on-site cold storage requirements. We offer a wide range of units with variable temperature controls ranging from -15°F to +75°F. Our units can be positioned inside or outside, on the ground or at loading dock height. Our Premier Up-To-Date Rental Fleet features clean, quiet, and reliable electric equipment which are all microprocessor controlled which allow for precise control of the interior temperature regardless of the outside conditions. Our units are also environmentally friendly, ozone-safe refrigeration and our all electric fleet eliminates refueling and oil spills.

Portable Cold Storage units are appropriate for many industries and applications including supermarkets, fast food chains, food processors, caterers, exhibitions and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Whatever and wherever you need to keep something cold we can help.

Our units are also an economical solution to expansion projects, seasonal demands, renovations and new product developments. Your long or short-term rental does not require a large capital investment. Whether you need 20′ or 40′ ground units,our knowledgeable sales and technical staff is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Refrigerated containers have become popular for portable and stationary refrigerated needs for temperature sensitive communities. Refrigerated containers are a cost saving alternative to permanent cold storage, or walk in freezers especially on a short term or time sensitive basis. Some of the most common uses of Portable Refrigerated Containers are:

  • Restaurant Storage
  • Seafood Processing Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • School Districts
  • Fruit and Vegetable Processing
  • Grocery Store’s seasonal
  • Beer & Wine Festivals
  • Sporting Event
  • Vendors
  • Wineries
  • Ice Cream Storage
  • Grow Boxes
Our 20ft Refrigerated Container dimensions:
  • Interior Width 7’6”
  • Interior Height 84
  • Interior Length 17′ 11
  • Door Opening Width 7’5
  • Door Opening Height 7’3
  • Weight 6,503 lbs
Our 40 Ft High Cube Refrigerated Container dimensions:
  • Interior Width 7’6”
  • Interior Height 8’4
  • Interior Length 3711″
  • Door Opening Width 7’6”
  • Door Opening Height 84
  • Weight 9,590 lbs

If reliable power at your location is a problem, we have Genset portable power generation units available for rentals as well to power the container.
Transport Products Unlimited offers sales, rentals, and grow box modifications for all your refrigerated container needs just call 888-399-8930 or email us at